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Produced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery, this work is a contribution to the will, initiated by the Morocco Green Plan, to reach a dream, to plan an ambition, to testify of a perspective of change.

Privileged targets of the Morocco Green Plan, Terroirs and their productions are whole part of the Moroccan patrimony, the authentic revelations of the
evolution of the society, its styles of life and its cultural and economic brilliance.

Rooted in this country they are so proud of, producers express a part of the History of Morocco. This book communicates on the wealth, the quality, the excellence and the diversity of the Moroccan products of Terroirs. It updates complexity, elaboration and Moroccan creative genius. The reader discovers this strength of adaptation of Terroirs and of those who live here.

This work, image of a remarkable country, pays a glowing tribute based on a precious value: of the men and women of Terroirs, real symbols of a collective symbiosis for an unique development, a country that stands in solidarity: magnificent Morocco.

The look of Aya, fictitious character in search of Terroirs and of skills, pulls us at the heart of the Kingdom and of its farmers, producers, breeders. The story of her adventure highlights People, landscapes and products of Terroirs from Morocco in a series of encounters punctuated by colors, smells, flavors and traditions from all over the Kingdom.

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